Stop Looking for God Fearing Men To Marry You.

On several counts I have asked ladies around me what kind of man they are looking for to marry. The answers are distinctively the same. I know that’s an “oxymoronic” conclusion but the truth is that, inasmuch as they vary in qualities, there is this particular quality that has become a marital anthem for the single woman especially the Christian.
Usually, when I see that on your list I know you are in for trouble or you have no idea what you are talking about. Like seriously you want to marry a God-fearing man? If I was a woman who is not confused about my sexuality by simply looking at my sex organs, it will never be part of my prayer topics for what kind of man I love to marry.

Like I always say, I have been a church boy all my life even in time past when we drifted because we lost focus but I can say for a fact that I have never seen demons that much on the street than in church wearing tuxedos. I used to be one and not shy to say this because I see a lot of our ladies fall to that. Church culture corrupted us and made us believe philosophies that allowed us to freely
mess around without guilt. Oh yes! Take that from me. So when I see a demon I know one.

It seems to me that our ladies are confused about who a God-fearing man is. In their MINDS, it is that fine looking man with mustache and good looks always neatly dressed who loves to go to church every Sunday. Don’t make a mistake; THE LAST TIME I CHECKED, SATAN FOR 2000 YEARS HAS NEVER MISSED A SINGLE CHURCH SERVICE. In their MINDS, it is that prayer guy who gets his face towel soaked and has a tone for prayer and speaks fluently. ‪#‎DontBeSilly wake up sister.

Have you not heard the voice of Satan himself always giving you sweet talks to do that which you never wanted to do before? So what has that got to do with fearing God?

I am not here to define who a God fearing man is because it is not told by what we see. Even God had to prove it to Satan his conviction about Job and test Abraham with his only begotten. You see a young handsome man with some olive oil anointing and you conclude he is God fearing? What certificate of graduation does he have to prove he has passed the HEAVEN ENTRANCE CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION (HECE) set by God and that he has no resits to write? Don’t laugh, this is serious business.

Let’s look at the twist side of things. Can you even cope with a God approved God-fearing man? This is a man who listens only to God above his wife. Can you handle that? He in fact takes your Isaac to sacrifice without telling you. Can you handle that? Is that not mistrust? This same man you pray to marry is the one who will boldly tell you in the face he will not curse God and die because he has some extreme affliction. Do you have that patience?

God-fearing men hardly have time for themselves and you must catch up and be their PA’s to cover their backs and influence them to make time for themselves and home. Can you cope with their extreme obsession for God and his work?

Forget about just church and ministry. It’s beyond that. If the very first thing God gave a man is not a WIFE but WORK even though they both start with a “W”, why would you think a God-fearing man would neglect his source and assignment that which defines him and follow your emotional demands that is only to satisfy a short term effect?

That is why I say stop praying for such men. You will be frustrated if you don’t read and understand the terms and conditions, user license agreement form and job description as a HELPMATE. You will get roasted. I can say for a fact that many women we have to today, if they ever dated MY JESUS THE CHRIST would ask for a break up in two weeks because they will complain about almost everything. Don’t get me wrong.

My Jesus was and is caring and a sweet guy but for a man like him to tell his own mother “disrespectfully” at age 12 he was about his father’s business and later told his mother his time wasn’t yet when his mum wanted a show off that her son can turn water into wine, then you know how frustrating he can be. He left home several times. Can you handle that?
The worst of all is when he had a phone call and whats-app messages from Mary and Martha about the sickness of their brother Lazarus, my Jesus stayed for two extra days and showed up when Lazarus had died. Would you as a girlfriend not complain he was insensitive and wicked?

JOHN 11:5-6. How could you do this to me and with some funny attitude if he showed up. My sisters, I know most of my writings has been massaging you but I got to tell you this truth. It will set your future marriage free. Allow the men to live long and don’t come between their God and them. He is still a jealous God. God will always knock off that which competes with him. 
This is why you are supposed to be wives even before a God-fearing man shows up. This is why you are HELP MATES and not MANAGERS. Your management skill is for the HOME not the HEAD. This is how you keep your marriage strong and going. It is the wife in you and the understanding you have about God that attracts a certain type of man towards you. If you are truly the diamond we saw, you will not change to suit us rather we must conform and accept the material you are made of or we look for another Pearl we can manipulate. And I know clay is the best example not diamonds.
I will end and say this, while you have the boldness to look for God-fearing men, pray God to help you build yourself to attract one and also have the enduring and long suffering spirit to maintain one. If not, I don’t see why that should be on your checklist. 
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