SUDEF Ghana urges intensive education on hand washing with soap

SUDEF Ghana urges intensive education on hand washing with soap

The Chief Executive Officer of Sustainable Development Focus Limited (SUDEF) Ghana, John Baidoo, is calling for intensive education on hand washing with soap in the country as the World celebrates global hand washing day.

The Global Hand Washing Day is commemorated on October 15 each year to increase awareness on the importance of Hand Washing with soap (HWS).

It has been identified that washing hands with soap is the most effective way to prevent diarrhoea, the leading causes of death among children under the age five.

John Baidoo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SUDEF-Ghana, noted that less than 50% of basic schools have the approved Hand Washing facilities, popularly known as ‘veronica buckets.’

“Most schools place a common pan filled with water for every child to wash his or her hands in it. This is not hygienic, and therefore must be stopped.”

Mr. Baidoo revealed that only 6.2% of children were observed to wash hands with soap after defecation, and over 72% did not wash their hands at all.

“Out of about 1000 children observed, only 5 washed their hands with soap before eating, 43% only wetted their hands.”

Mr. Baidoo urged authorities to make available the appropriate hand washing facilities in all Schools.

“Hand Washing facilities should now be provided at all offices, health posts, hospitals and clinics in the country. Every household should have a latrine, and that latrine should have a Hand Washing facility,” Mr. Baidoo appealed.

He also commended Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA), Ghana Education Service, Ghana Health Service, Ghana Water Company Limited, the MMDAs, Faith-based Organizations, Community leaders and the entire population of Ghana for their support.

By: Michael Mfum Sarpong/citinewsroom.com/Ghana

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