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The African Dilemma We Have Built Together.

One of the most easiest thing to do in Africa is to blame someone for either not being there or irresponsible for what is due you. It is so easy to also to sit back criticise others as to why nothing is being done about a situation. Yet reality we are not responsible and accountable to our individual self.

With black community we don’t like sharing ideas and information no matter how scanty. We don’t like to support our own to greatness and we hardly believe in the dreams of our youth yet we scream loudest we are not getting better.

We are always look for *_someone_* to take charge of something whiles *_everyone_* expects *_somebody_* to create that change forgetting that transformation starts from individuals with a “we” focus. This is the single reason why in Africa we love to criticise *_somebody_* and *_someone_* for everything even when we are guilty of same thing in our private corner. If you cannot be disciplined and adhere to laws in your own private corner then what is the worth of paying taxes to enforce law and order.? Especially when these people are like you in their private lives.

If you don’t exercise what you have unearthed about yourself and share its experiences and challenges then you have become part of the system which you fight, blame and chastise everyday because you have decided to be like them than being different.

It is better to share your experiences with someone who understands who you are and in sharing you both sharpen each other and empowers everyone.

Why must we have most Africans now educated than our forefathers who fought for liberation and laid a foundation of sacrifice but we appear to fight for nothing than blame and criticise somebody no matter how educated we appear.

Government is the systematic collection of individual citizens to perform a function in the collective interest of the people.

If our individual drive for greatness in our private pursuit is nonexistent then government isn’t to be blamed because it is the collective of what or who we are.

Leadership isn’t exercised and experienced when the storms are quite but rather seeing the storm from afar and haven prepared in exercises to sail your ship to safety *(lead-er(a)-ship)*
If you hate simulations you will break when reality sets in.

If we fail to lead ourselves first which is evident in our output, it is no wonder or a miracle Africa is where we are no matter how educated we have become.

Leadership is knowing and have the wisdom that our core skills, talents and capabilities is to complement each other than to compete each other

In the relay everyone is good at a distance either good start, good curving, good stretching and good finishing. Each is equally important but the moment one decides to compete by wanting to out do the other three there isn’t a performance. But when each one places their gift for the benefit of their collective interest and go the extra mile to win sometimes it becomes difficult to point that one had a challenge. France 98 and Brazil 2014 where France and Germany won are powerful examples of complementing of talents as a unit.

The above scenario we don’t see in our African setting, nobody was born a bad leader, the difference lies in what you choose to stand for and your personal definition of service.

This generation have no excuse to fail or blame others. Talents is in abundance, let’s build the synergy and complement each other. Today knowledge sharing has become easier and simpler than what our fathers and forefathers had. So what is our excuse? It is about time we stop pointing fingers to our fathers after all “when a dog grows before you name it, it doesn’t hear when it is called by name”

If one person discovered radioactivity, another thermodynamic, which has changed the world imagine what 10000 young people can do from every country in Africa with 200 leaders choosing to act right in every country with 1million citizens purposing to live their best in their private corner.

If you can let anybody down including yourself don’t forget your children will blame you just as we blame our fathers (leaders).

The difference we can be is walk that little input we can give right. When you are in a dark room and one person lit his phone light suddenly hope appears, when everyone in the room adds theirs then there is transformation, so we must be for our generation.

If your drive in life is dead like a blunt scissors nothing can you cut.

You the “scissor” must be sharper than the material you wish to cut. Constant sharing and exercise of what you learnt is away to keep having your scissors sharpened.

Go out there and be the difference, if you have purposed to fail yourself and generation don’t fail the unborn generation rather be that legacy of hope and aspiration for them.

Africa must not remain as we came to meet it. If she has no hope in us she would have been burnt by now.


Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah
Transformational Coach|Consultant |Media Analyst|Author

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