The GHc200,000 ‘unaccounted for’ was exgratia paid to Bishop Ayensu, More Revelations Drop

The GHc200,000 that former Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports under the erstwhile NDC administration, Joseph Yamin, claimed was unaccounted for when Bishop Bosomtwe Ayensu was leaving the Obuasi Diocese was an exgratia paid to the Bishop at the end of his tenure in Obuasi. This was revealed by a person familiar with the issue on Aseda FM on Wednesday morning.

Since last Friday, the former Bishop of the Obuasi Diocese has come under severe backlash from members of the opposition NDC after he lashed out at former President, John Dramani Mahama for his resolve to cancel the much talked about electronic transfer levy when he assumes office in 2025.

The outspoken Bishop said Mahama wouldn’t even come to power to cancel it. He further expressed disappointment in him for making such utterances in an attempt to sway voters. He further reiterated that in the predicaments the country finds itself it will take only wise economic decisions to get us out for which the levy it’s being taken from the citizenry to solve it.

After his comments were made public, Joseph Yamin claimed Bishop Bosomtwe Ayensu is corrupt because he embezzled GH¢200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Ghana cedis) when he was the Head pastor at Obuasi. He added that the case has not still been settled yet. The former Deputy Minister said this on Kumasi-based Abusua FM.

On the Ghana Nti Morning Show on Aseda FM, someone claiming to be closer to the bishop and familiar with the issue called to defend the bishop, stating that the payment was an exgratia paid to the Methodist Bishop.

Meanwhile the Methodist Church Ghana released a statement on Tuesday afternoon proclaiming their stand on the issue. They irriterated that the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church is the official spokesperson for the church so the comments by Bishop Ayensu shouldn’t be associated with the church.

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