We’ve been doing enough we possibly can – Obuasi Artiste.

Many people in Obuasi could tell you with authority that Obuasi doesn’t have any artiste and as far as Ghana Music Industry is concern, Obuasi Music does not exist. People from the entertainment sector justify this statement whiles regular people also do as well.

Now in the mist of all these headlines, there are bunch of people in Obuasi who recognize the works of Obuasi artiste and believed sooner or later, an artiste from Obuasi will hit lime light.

Ghplaylist.com reached out to an Obuasi base musician commonly known as Ofosu RichPub, who release a single few weeks ago check It out, ‘Friends Life’. The artiste told Jarvis GN Celebrity Journalist on Ghplaylist.com that he believe he’s been doing his best and also believe other artiste from Obuasi have been doing enough as well.

On the other hand, the artiste also believe an artiste can only hit limelight by following the right process and doing his part, physically and spiritually as well.

One of the comment he made which was very clear and obvious is financing Obuasi artiste. He said, Is one of the major topic to talk about but then he doesn’t want no further talks, yet his main and biggest problem as an artiste is an investor that will invest in him. He feel like is the reason why many talent has been tarnish and overthrown because of investors.

The artiste believe that having a musical talent is one thing and making money from your talent is a whole different thing together. And so he call upon all business investors, individuals, anyone in a position to sponsor or invest in a talent in Obuasi, should hurry and go for it.

Ofosu RichPub is currently part of Obuasi Must Rise Cypher Volume 1 and believe strongly Obuasi Will Rise Up.

Source: Ghplaylist.com 

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