Obuasi Municipal Assembly to Develop Boete Wood Village.

 The Obuasi Municipal Assembly in collaboration with Gratis International will develop the wood village of Obuasi which will open opportunities for the youth who are into wood work training.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Mr. Richard Ofori Agyemang Boadi made this revelation in his 59th Independence Day Address delivered on Sunday at the Len Clay Sports Stadium in Obuasi.

“Sooner than later, we hope to develop the wood village of Obuasi. This will also engage our youth in developing themselves in readiness towards the future and also serve as a catalyst in diversifying the economy of the municipality.” He stated.

According to him, Gratis International is positively accepting to join hands with the Municipal Assembly in fighting youth Unemployment in the Obuasi Municipal.

“Talks are far ahead with Gratis International to bring on board the informal Senior High School; it shall open up avenues to our numerous youth learning trade with Master Craftsmen and Women to obtain certificates that can take them anywhere as those in the formal education” he stressed