We Need Chalks: Teachers in Obuasi Lament.


Teachers in some Public Schools in the Obuasi Municipality are worried over inadequate chalks for teaching purposes.

Teachers are forced to find ways to get chalks for teaching in their respective classrooms.

According some teachers who spoke to Obuasitoday.com on condition of anonymity told Obuasitoday.com that, the lack of Chalks has been an old canker.

“Boss, for chalks, the school buys it with monies we raise here; nothing comes from Ghana Education Service! Even last term, we had to buy the chalks ourselves”, he said amidst anger.

Obuasitoday.com spoke to two other Teachers who confirmed they are also facing difficulty in getting chalks to teach and have to ask students to contribute and buy chalks or go around asking other colleagues.

Some Teachers who spoke to Obuasitoday.com  pleaded, the names of their schools should not be mentioned because a communique from the Education Director, says no teacher or headmaster should talk to the media, no matter how pressing the issue is.

In a particular school the news team visited, Some Teachers were using Marker pens whiles other teachers were busily asking around for chalks.

A disturbed female tutor at the school who could not control her anger had this to say;

“Teachers in Primary 5 to JHS 3 use Marker Pens, so I think there shouldn’t be anything like shortage of chalks for the few lower Primary classes”, she stated.


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