‘‘The 10-Year SEDP Shouldn’t Be Shelved’’ – Ashanti Regional Minister

The Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon. Simon Osei-Mensah has urged AngloGold Ashanti Ghana Ltd. and all Stakeholders to take serious monitoring activities of AGA’s 10-year Socio-Economic Development Plan (SEDP). 

He said although AGA has her own way of monitoring and evaluating projects, it is essential that all Stakeholders come on board to keep track and ensure the successful implementation of the Plan.

‘‘This 10-year Socio-Economic Development Plan shouldn’t be a plan to be shelved. So, all of us, especially the two Chief Executives for Obuasi Municipal and Obuasi East should take serious monitoring activities of the Plan,’’ he said.

‘‘They would be assisted by the two Member of Parliament and together with Nananom, we should realize all the benefits of this 10-year Development Plan,’’ he added.

Honorable Osei-Mensah continued that, the SEDP will be impaired if the benefits of the Plan do not come into concrete existence.

‘‘It shouldn’t be a nice document, which is well captured and beautifully composed. And ultimately at the end if we don’t benefit anything from it, then it would be a wasted effort. Then we gathering here would be of no relevance,’’ he stated.

The Minister made an earnest request to people who are engaged in illegal mining activities to desist from the act, as it was one of the major factors that brought the mine to a halt and subsequently its closure in 2014.

The Mining community continues to struggle with the devastating impacts of illegal small-scale mining. He reiterated the government’s commitment to clamping down on the resurgence of illegal mining activities, popularly referred to as Galamsey.

In response to the Adansihene’s charge to Politicians on the usage of mineral royalties from mining industries in the country, Mr. Simon Osei-Mensah stated that, there is now a Mineral Development Fund for all Mineral Royalties.

‘‘Currently, we have the Mineral Development Fund, and the Royalties are lodged into the Fund. The Fund details every aspect of the use of the Fund.’’

‘‘I will try and get a copy of the Mineral Development Fund so that we can all monitor the utilization of the Fund together. The Royalties currently do not go to the District Assemblies but are lodged into the Fund’’ he told the Adansihene.

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