Toshiba launches erasable toner printer to help businesses cut down cost


Toshiba launches erasable toner printer to help businesses cut down cost

Toshiba has released its second-generation erasable toner printer, integrating this world-first technology into a standard multi-functional printer.

The new features make the re-use of paper more efficient and easy, while allowing users the opportunity to also make permanent printouts.

Speaking to Citi News at the launch of the printer in Ghana, the Toshiba Group Executive Director for International Distribution, Kathrin Maske, explained that the new printer will help Ghanaian businesses to cut down on paper cost for their business.

She also explained that the printer is not only business friendly in terms of saving cost, but also has an importance significance on the environment in terms of environmental sustainability efforts.

“It is going to help them to save tremendously on their paper consumption, paper is really expensive so it is a huge cost factor in everybody’s business here in Ghana. With our machine, you can re-use the paper up to about 5,6,7 times depending on your needs and this of course has a huge impact on your cost. We are helping to save cost for all Ghanaian companies” she explained.

Kathrin Maske, Executive Director, International Distribution Division [Toshiba Group]Printing in blue toner, the erasable toner can be used on temporary documents such as e-mails or drafts.

When a user has finished with a document, it can put back into the printer where the toner will be removed, allowing the blank paper to be reused again for multiple times as much as the user wants.

The state-of-the-art Toshiba e-STUDIO4508LP printer connects, integrates and simplifies workflows to enable users to be productive and efficient within a business environment.

The  multi-functional printer can handle large jobs effortlessly with speeds of up to 45 monochrome pages per minute (ppm) and up to 35 ppm with the erasable toner.

Key Features

  • Combined print, scan, copy, fax and erasable print functions. However, for only fax needs, you can learn more about eGoldFax and take a look at their products
  • Dual scan document feed that holds 300 sheets while processing documents at a speed of up to 240 images per minute
  • Optional printing in monochrome or blue toner
  • Cloud and mobile printing
  • Optional e-STUDIO RD301 erase unit for fast erasing up to 30ppm and sorting non-reusable from reusable paper.
  • E-BRIDGE technology for seamless integration into an existing IT infrastructure
  • Self-encrypting security feature Toshiba Secure HDD and further optional security functions for IEEE26000.1 compliance.

The launch of the new erasable Toshiba printer was held at the headquarters of the Atlantic holding company limited in Accra.

Atlantic Computers & Electronic Limited, which belongs to the Atlantic International Holding Company based in Accra, Ghana, is one the oldest members of the group and a partner to the Toshiba group international.

General Manager of the Atlantic International Holding company, Kofi Ayivor, at the launch of the new printer said interested individuals and businesses can visit the head office of the Atlantic Holding company to make more inquiries about the printer.

By: Jude Mensa Duncan/citinewsroom.com/Ghana

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