WAEC Cannot Do The Job- Youth Alliance for Development.

The Executive Director of Youth Alliance for Development, Mr. Robert Ali Tanti has said the West African Examination Council (WAEC) have proven beyond all doubt that they can continue to give Ghanaian students value for money when it comes to Basic and Second cycle schools examinations.

Too Much Emphasis on Exams.

According to the Internationally acclaimed Youth Activist, too much emphasis have been given to written exams which has given students no choice than to do all what they can to pass or face societal stigma when they fail.

“Everyone wants to survive WAEC’s exams so have to do all what they can to pass their exams no matter what it takes them and when some of these children fail, there are no formal support to help them reshape their lives”, he said.

Mr. Robert Ali Tanti added that, in order to break the monopoly of WAEC, the Ministry of Education should decentralize the annual examinations and make every district prepare its own questions that will in a way put a stop to the examination paper leakages.

“It is obvious WAEC cannot do the job; so the need have come for the Ministry of Education to decentralize the examinations in the Districts”, he stated.

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