Kwesi Pratt angry over alleged V8 gift from Mahama

he Managing Editor of The Insight newspaper , Kwesi Pratt Jnr. has slammed his critics for insinuating that President John Dramani Mahama and the ruling NDC have offered him a Toyotal Land Cruiser for doing their bidding .

Speaking on Atinka AM Drive Monday, Kwasi Pratt Jnr said he has worked with many organizations with better salaries since 1969 and that in 1976, as young bachelor, he was taking more salary than a Chief Director at any of the government’s ministries today .

“What I’m enjoying to day is a result of my hard work over years and not because ofd any supposed largesse from this government” , the vetran journalist argued.

Kwasi Pratt stated that sometimes he is not interested in blowing his own trumpet since he is a man of substance and that as a journalist he has worked with some reputable media houses in England and journals like , African confidential, African Events, West Africa Magazine and All Africa Press Agency.

According to him, he has done a lot in the field of journalism, adding that currently he is the board chairman of Expresso Telecommunication and member of the National media commission and many others.

He said after all these experiences and track record, he has the right to enjoy the fruit of his labour and that it was wrong for his critics to suggest that he is receiving gifts because he is in bed with the government .

Kwasi Pratt Jnr. opined that he’s been criticizing both NDC and NPP over their actions and so it is unfair for anybody to suggest that that he is enjoying under the NDC

“I am not one of those after money; I always speak my mind and I have personal relationships with many political leaders in the country, I don’t need anything from anybody. I would have been an ambassador or a minister under Kufour and even under this government if I wanted any benefit at all,” Pratt charged .

Mr Pratt pointed out that he is a truthful CPP member and that those tagging him as NDC should stop.


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