Redesigned Google Assistant is easier on the fingers and eyes


Google Assistant is getting a redesign that better integrates touch into the user experience built around voice. Asking Google to dim your smart lights, for example, will now generate a slider so you can fine-tune the result. The update also adds some of the Material Design touches that Google has been rolling out across its other services, and makes certain visual elements bigger, more informative, and easier to read at a glance.

Google Assistant is by many measurements the best voice assistant available. Nevertheless, today’s changes reflect the fact that it can be a lot easier to digest information visually and manipulate it by tapping around on buttons and sliders. Although this update is focused on Google Assistant on mobile, Google is increasingly offering smart home devices with screens. JBL and Lenovo have already put out their Google-powered Smart Displays, and Google is rumored to be prepping its own to be revealed alongside the Pixel 3.


You’ll also now be able to swipe up from the Assistant on Android to get an overview of your day and recent voice interactions.
Image: Google

Alongside these UI changes, Google is also now offering developers the ability to take payments from users directly through the assistant. From today, you’ll be able to purchase a subscription to a service like Headspace, or buy virtual items in a free to play game like Castle Master, using just your voice.

You can view more of the featured enhancements by scrolling through the gallery below:


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