Group shows disappointment in ARCC.

The Obuasi Must Live Coalition has shown their disappointment in the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council for turning deaf ears to the demands of the AngloGold Ahanti,Obuasi mine.

The group, in a heavily Policed Press Conference yesterday in Obuasi, said their checks show the Regional Security Council have been slow in tackling this menace of recent small scale miners invasion of the mine’s concession.

“It is disappointing that in spite of the obvious invasion of the company’s concession by small scale miners, both the Municipal and Regional Security Councils have not thought it expedient to swiftly order security personnel to move in and secure this concession”.


“Our checks indicate that the company has met the Ashanti Regional Security Council on several occasions to impress upon them the need to order the military to move and save the situation. Sadly these appeals hav fallen on death ears”, they said.


Killing the Hen that lay the golden eggs.

The group further added that, in a bid to please a group of small scale miners,the Regional Coordinating Council is killing the hen that lay the golden eggs.

“In their desire to satisfy a group of small scale miners,the RCC is unconsciously killing the very hen that lay the golden egg. We cannot as a country support small scale mining at the expense of the survival of AngloGold Ashanti. Both AGA and small scale miners should be allowed to coexist peacefully”, the stressed.




They further added that, they are not going to forgive anyone who’s actions or inaction will lead to the collapse of the mine.


“ Let me repeat for the sake of emphasis: we will NEVER forgive anybody whose actions and inactions will lead to the collapse of the Obuasi mine. There is so much at stake. This is not about settling political scores. It is about the survival of Obuasi. The Obuasi some of us call home”, they further explained.






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