KSM Details Initial Struggles As A Young Comedian In US

King of Comedy in Ghana, Kweku Sintim-Misa popularly referred to as KSM has made some very interesting revelations about how his career began as a stand-up comedian and the initial struggles he had to endure.

Appearing for the first time on the most influential celebrity and lifestyle show in Ghana, Celebrity Fanzone on Viasat1 last Saturday, KSM revealed that he was the first African to do an original one man play on Off-Broadway but also noted that it came with its own challenges.

“I was the first African to have done an original one man play on Off-Broadway. It was a play I did in the US called, Thoughts of a Confused Black Man. I was looking at the Black man in Africa having gone through colonization and the black man in the US having gone through slavery. And the whole point of the show was that both slavery and colonization had the same impact on the black man’s psyche.”

KSM however revealed that he did his first show with very little money and limited logistics, which meant that he had to improvise at a point in time to get his shows going.

“The theatre was so bad that I had to go there early and clean up the venue with a few guys who were helping set up the ticket desk. The lighting, I didn’t have money to have any lighting so I actually had a dimmer connected to some wires on the stage, so that at the end of the show, the character dies and when I die…I die and the lights go out.”

For many Ghanaians today who have come to appreciate and love the craft of KSM, it will be unimaginable when KSM says that there was a point in his career when only two people attended his show in a hall that could have hosted nearly a hundred people.

“There was one night, it was a winter night and only two people came for the show. The theatre was like 95 capacity, it wasn’t a very big theatre but only two people came. So I just psyched myself out and went there and put this show out and trust me the two guys laughed and laughed and I thought I was performing to a full house,” KSM disclosed on Celebrity Fanzone.

KSM has over the years grown to become arguably the best stand-up comedian in Ghana with masterpiece shows such as Saga of a Returnee, Afia Siriboe, and Politically Incorrect.

Afia Pokuaa of Multimedia who was also a guest on Celebrity Fanzone last Saturday emphasized the importance of theatre in bringing about mental revolution in Ghana.

“Theatre is one of the key tools we can use to cause a mental revolution in Ghana,” she noted.

Celebrity Fanzone airs every Saturday at 9pm with a repeat broadcast on Wednesdays at 11 am, only on Viasat1 Ghana.

Source: Gideon Sarpong/Viasat1Ghana

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