Business Resource Centre Engages Executives of the Tailors and Dressmakers Association in Obuasi

The Business Resource Centre in Obuasi has engaged the leadership of the Tailors and Dressmakers Associaton to spell out to them the services they offer and the benefits they stand to gain from them. The event took place at the newly constructed Business Resource Centre in Obuasi.

Over 30 executives of the Tailors and Dressmakers Associaton from Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3 in Obuasi participated in the event. After the event, Gabriel Acquah, the Chairman for Tailors and Dressmakers Associaton, Obuasi Zone 1, expressed his delight at the eye-opening presentations which took place.

“We have been taught on the relevance of registering our businesses and how that can place our businesses on a government database to enable us to benefit from any opportunity that comes our way”, he said.

Gabriel Nsiah Asare, the President for Zone 2 also shared his experience with Obuasitoday.com.

“..Sometimes we see some of our colleagues getting contracts from companies and we kept asking how they did it. We now know that registering your business is the way to get some of these contracts” he said.

Jonathan Hammond, the General Manager for the Business Resource Centre in Obuasi expressed his shock at the number which turned out for the event.

Jonathan Hammond, General Manager, Business Resource Centre, Obuasi

“They told us their executives were 33 and surprisingly all of them came. We know this engagement will go a long way to promote the business relationship between the Centre and the individual dressmakers and tailors and also with their group as a whole”, he said.

The Business Resource Centre provides a one-stop enterprise support center at the district level designed to provide a broad range of Business Development services (BDS) to potential and existing entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Do you wish to know more about the services of the Business Resource Centre in Obuasi? Watch our video on their centre below:


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