Charles De-Inspirational Releases New Song Today

Charles De-Inspirational, sensational minister of God based in Obuasi is releasing his first single today. The song goes by the title, “Lord we bow (Ajoelhamos Senhor)”.

The song was written in English by Charles De-Inspirational and translated into Portuguese by a friend in Mozambique. It is a worship and petition song.

Speaking to Sindefeated.com, Charles De-Inspirational revealed the purpose for the song.

“…when we are asking from God, we have to go to him with a humble heart, putting aside our pride, personal ambitions, love of authority, pride of denomination and pride of talents. Not that we want to bribe God with our worship for him to hear us. But it’s another way to ask from him” he said.

“I want to acknowledge one lady who’s WhatsApp status I picked the writeup for the song from. She is Gifty Asekabta from Sandema in the Upper East Region” he added.

The song will be released on Reverbnation, Brahlyrix.com, Audiomack, Facebook and YouTube.


Lead Vocals – Charles De Inspirational

Backing Vocals – Min. Joseph Lartey

Arranged By: McLord-Creative

Live Drums      -Jay Judah

Arpeggios      – McLord-Creative

Keys & Pads       – McLord-Creative

Aux Keys       – Min.Dorm

Live Bass Gtr.     – Min. Dorm

Lead Gtr.      -Min. Dorm

Programming     – McLord-Creative

Orchestra & Fills    -McLord-Creative


Mixing & Mastering   -McLord-Creative

Recorded at DM Studios – (Omanjor – Accra)

Powered By DM Audio

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