Coronavirus: Community protests against setting of isolation center

Aggrieved residents of Abusco last stop, a suburb of Obuasi are resisting the setting up of an isolation center by the Obuasi East District Assembly for patients of COVID-19.

Obuasi currently has recorded in excess of 100 cases of COVID-19 , this has prompted authorities to act swiftly hence the setting of up an isolation center but the community in which authorities has secured a house for the center (Abusco last stop) has fiercely rejected the move saying it is situated too close to their houses and also the facility has no soak away pit therefore waste generated from the house are disposed off into the environment indiscriminately.

Responding to their claims, The District Chief Executive ,Hon.Faustina Ammisah has allay the fears of the community saying authorities will not do anything to endanger their lives and that all the necessary protocols were considered before settling on the said facility.

She urged all Ghanaians to put their shoulders to the wheel in this trying moments and stop the unnecessary stigmatization which if not checked has the potential of derailing the efforts of the nation in the fight against the pandemic.

But the youth of the area has sworn to resist this move by authorities with the last drop of their blood.

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