Nurses, Midwives and Innocent patients are suffering.

Health is not just about Buildings.

Health is about effective management/health system, good health policies, and staffing.

We claim we are building new hospitals, kudos. We have done well. No one is interested in the cost.

My questions are;

  • Why are the nurses home unemployed?

Are we going to employ robots to work in these newly built facilities?

We claim we have produced enough nurses and midwives. Kindly back this assertion with the nurse to patients and midwife to patients ratio we have in Ghana here…

  • Are you serious with Health issues, Mr. President?

Then employ them…

We sit in this country and allow corruption to go on in the health sector, yet you keep mute as a president…

Have you not heard that in Greater Accra Region and almost all the other regions, the Health Service Directors and the Human Resource Directors are allowing extortion of monies from nurses and midwives as promotional interview fees?

Is this not robbery?

Official robbery is what is going on under your high office as a president.

If you have not read the Conditions of Service for Nurses, I will help you out.

Article 13.1, clause 2 states that, “where financial obligations are to be incurred as a requirement for interview, the agency or facility shall be responsible”.

Are the Regional Health Directors, HR Directors and Medical Directors illiterates?

Big No!

They understand the above quote.

People are alleging most of these officials are greedy and thieves and most possess corrupt pot bellies, but I doubt if it is true.

The article implies that, if the facilities can’t pay, the agency; thus GHS, CHAG must pay.

So where does the money go to?

The Evil men are destroying the nation.

Mr. President, are you watching them to destroy the nation?

Mr. President, in Greater Accra region, the regional health directorate recently extorted huge monies from the poor newly recruited nurses and midwives to process their salaries. Is this corruption or thievery?

I am just asking…

It took the intervention of the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives’ Association executives, Greater Accra Branch, to call for refund of the monies.

What is indeed wrong with the heads of “some” of these officials?

Mr. President, it will amaze you that some of these corrupt officials called we the advocates for justice, fairness and anti-corruption insane.

The thief and the advocate for justice, who is insane?

Mr. President, As a President, are you happy to starve nurses and midwives for 27 to 30 months (more than 2 years) without monthly salary?

Mr. President, can you do that to 1st Lady?

Do you think you are competent while you fail to pay nurses and midwives their salary arrears (including promotional arrears)?

Is it fair to employ a Nurse to work for 2 years, then you pay only 3 months?

Who even asked you to implement this deadly 3 months salary policy?

Was the person normal?

8,046 nurses and midwives were audited, 7,167 were validated in September, 2015.

879 were queried.

Mr. President, are you aware some of the validated ones are still not paid?

Are you aware some received messages from CAGD that they have been paid, yet they met zero account at their banks?

Are you aware some received messages from CAGD that they have been paid 8,000 but they only saw 3,000 in their accounts?

Mr. President, why?

What have we done wrong to deserve these mistreatments?

When are the 10,000s of nurses and midwives going to be paid their salary arrears?*

Mr. President, never think of cheating them, for revengeance is the Lord’s.

What did I hear recently, My President?

Restoring nurse trainees’ allowance?

Mr. President, I don’t want to say you are a liar because I respect you. Honestly, this GHC 150 for 3 months is not allowance and you know the truth deep inside your heart.

Trainees are your target this money has been paid before in 2012 elections, and the rationale for the payment in 2012 is same for 2016. The hard truth is, the money will be stopped after 2016 elections, and the first years will not be part. Those who have completed will be called on phone to come for the money before election on December 7.

34,500 nurse.

Well, i wish you well in your attempt to deceive the nurse trainees as you did in 2012, and now some of them are witnessing unemployment

Mr. President, the psychiatric patients and nurses are crying loud because of insufficient medical logistics, no drugs for psychiatric patients?


This is serious!

Not only are them, other health facilities also complaining of no logistics. Common gloves are now in scarcity.



President, I dare you to be on just a night duty at Accra Psychiatric Hospital

Let’s continue after your nice night duty experience at Psychiatric Hospital.

To be continued…

Save Psychiatric Patients And Nurses Now

Pay Our Salaries And Arrears Now No More Promotional Interview Fees

Employ Nurses Now

We Need Medical Logistics

We Want Sustainable Allowance

God bless Ghana.

Source: Concerned Health Students.

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