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TikTok to Soon ban children from livestreaming

TikTok is set to raise its minimum age for livestreaming from 16 to 18 from next month.

A BBC News investigation found hundreds of accounts going live from Syrian refugee camps, with children begging for donations.

Some were receiving up to $1,000 (£900) an hour Рbut when they withdrew the cash, TikTok had taken up to 70%.

In future, only adults would be able to “send virtual gifts or access monetisation features”, TikTok said.

And, “in the coming weeks”, it would let users run adult-only livestreams.

It is unclear how TikTok will enforce these age restrictions, however.

Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, and Google, which owns YouTube, have a minimum livestreaming age of 13 and already allow users to age-restrict content they upload.

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